National CSIRT

National CSIRT

The National Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is responsible to monitor, respond and govern the security operations of all government entities. The NCSC is actively monitoring the infrastructure of all government and semi-government entities and a select number of agencies under different sectors including financial, industrial, transportation, health, and legal affairs.

The National CSIRT aims to protect its constituency by proactively analyzing known cybersecurity threats, mitigating security incidents through early detection, and prevent the recurrence of security incidents through forensic root cause analysis.

  • Government Entities
  • Semi-Government Entities
  • Non-Government Entities

National Cybersecurity Incident
Response Plan

Introduction: The National Cyber Security Center’s (“NCSC”) has created this framework to defines its role in cybersecurity incidents in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Cybersecurity incidents vary greatly in nature; thus, this plan focuses on the elements that are common among most incidents.

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